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What can I do to stay penalty-free?

eSolicit missing W-9 forms from your vendors

  • How does it work?
    Send a password-protected W-9 pdf to your vendors. They’ll complete and eSign the form. When they’re done, it will be returned to your Tax1099 account. From there, you can download and print the form, you can request a TIN match, or you can begin filing right away.
  • How does eSoliciting a W-9 keep me penalty-free?
    When you eSolicit a W-9, you have proof of a good faith effort in gathering accurate information. This is one thing that can help reduce the risk of penalties for missing or false information.

Request a TIN match on vendor information

  • How does it work? Enter, import, or eSolicit W-9 information to Tax1099, and you can request a TIN match through our system. Except in cases of extreme IRS system traffic, you’ll have your results within 24 hours by email. If you get a rejection, you can eSolicit a second W-9 to inform the vendor of the error.
  • How does TIN matching keep me penalty-free? When you request to TIN match you vendor information, we run your vendor name and EIN/SSN matches against the IRS database. This is another way to prove a good faith effort in gathering accurate information for your filing.

Consider TIN masking

  • According to best practice suggestions from the IRS, sensitive vendor information such as EIN’s and TIN’s should be masked. Though you have the option to unmask your TIN’s, we hope you’ll consider protecting your data with TIN masking.

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