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Leverage real-time data management integrations available to import and organize your trading data

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Review & validate your reports for tax and regulatory purposes prior to filing .

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eFile your returns securely and download the proof of payment from the IRS

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Tax1099 provides you with digital tax filing solutions that allow you to identify and report your crypto-currency transactions accurately

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1099-K Reporting

Accelerate your 1099-K reporting with Tax1099. Report your payment card transactions, third-party payment network transactions, and more with our ready-to-use digital tax solutions.

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1099-B Reporting

Report your sold stocks, commodities, regulated futures contracts, foreign currency contracts, forward contracts, debt instruments, options, securities, futures contracts, and related transactions accurately with Tax1099’s 1099-B reporting.

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1042-S Reporting

If you have withheld tax from payments to foreign nationals then such withholdings must be reported using Form 1042-S. Prepare your 1042-S returns with Tax1099

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5498 Reporting

Our digital tax information reporting infrastructure allows you to validate and report your Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA), Rollover Contributions, Fair Market Value (FMV) of the account, simplified employee pension (SEP), and more accurately.

Rights Management

TIN Verification

Identify and validate the accuracy of TIN/Name details provided by your vendors, customers, freelancers, contractors, and more with our highly scalable TIN Verification solution. Avoid B-notices and $250 penalties per incorrect TIN.

Tax1099 Workflow

Print & Mail Forms

Authentication of proof is necessary in some cases. Mail the physical copies of the required returns to your vendor and customer lists after verifying their business addresses per the USPS records with Tax1099.

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Tax Professional Suite For CPA’s & Licensed Professionals

Our digital infrastructure is designed to accommodate the deadline-sensitive workflow of accounting teams and licensed professionals. With workflow management, rights management, and internal review processes, your teams can productively complete the required tax reports.

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Tax1099 API - Automate Your Tax Form Filings

Effectively manage your IRS returns, validate vendor and customer details, and accelerate your bulk-filing processes with minimal effort. Let our team take care of your tax reports and help establish compliance for your business. No more delays and no more last-minute rushes.

IRS 1099 Crypto-currency Reporting Regulations

The crypto industry is certainly booming. Thousands of Americans have invested in virtual assets hoping that these assets do not affect their tax reports. However, like every other asset, these virtual assets bring in capital gains or losses, which must be reported to the IRS in order to avoid non-compliance assessments.

The IRS is aggressively tracking crypto exchanges and transactions in order to curb the unreported monetary flow. This is pushing businesses to rely on foul 1099 reporting tactics, which are leading to hefty assessments for violation.

Virtual asset service providers and crypto exchange businesses are now looking at reporting their transactions accurately in order to avoid notices, penalties, and possible imprisonment.

1099 Tax Information Reporting For Crypto Exchanges

Tax1099 brings you the smartest tax reporting solutions that help drive reporting accuracy, productivity, and compliance

KYC/AML Compliance To Reduce False Positives

Crypto businesses are at the risk of false positives and AML incidents due to the virtual nature of the business. TIN/Name vetting allows you to verify the customer and accelerate your on-boarding process

Mitigate Risk & Protect Revenue

Tax1099’s Real-time TIN & Name verification allows you to mitigate identity risk and regulatory compliance risks by at least 50%, saving you from penalties and B-notices.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Tax1099 is a virtual dashboard that allows you to access all your tax information and regulatory compliance information in one place. You can manage your workflow, accessibility, and schedule your tasks to avoid delays and improve productivity.

Automated Regulatory Management

As soon as you set-up your business profile, we help you verify your business details per the authorized records of the IRS and the new notices issued by the federal authorities. This automated protocol allows you to stay compliant throughout the course of your business.

Tax ID Management Solutions

Identify, record, maintain, and report the taxpayer information with Tax1099. Access this information as and when needed and conduct automated verification checks before e-filing.

Easily Import Your Data

With a long list of smart integrations available, you can easily import all your data to our secure and encrypted platform. Edit the information anytime and limit the data accessibility rights.

Bulk Upload & eFile With Ease

Our integrated and readily available data management applications and tools allow you to upload data in bulk and make changes to the data in real-time without switching platforms.

Real-Time Bulk TIN Matching

Validate the real-time compliance status of the tax details provided by your vendors and customers. Reduce the year-end rush and improve your onboarding process.

40+ Fed/State Forms

Choose from a variety of state and federal forms from our virtual form directory. Populate the form with the required information and e-file your returns per the requirements of your state.

10+ Accounting Software Integrations

We have partnered with a variety of accounts and data management software application tools, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intact, Fresh Books, Excel,, Zoho, Accounting Suite, Entrata, and more to help you track and maintain real-time records of your reportable information.

256-Bit Bank-Grade Security

Your data is yours and we keep it that way. Tax1099 is encrypted with the 256-bit advance encryption standard, which is the most powerful encryption standard in the world used by U.S. authorities to protect private information.

Trusted By The Industry Leaders

Tax1099 is vouched by industry leaders like Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, Accountex, and more. Accountex further rewarded Tax1099 with an ‘Accountex User Favorite’ award 2 years in a row for our unrelenting service and user-friendly interface.

Set Up Your Business Profile

Set up your business profile by providing your TIN/EIN, business name, address, and other business information. This information will be used to populate your electronic returns, saving you time and effort.

Validate Your Details

This is the most essential step to ensure reporting accuracy. Validate your TIN/EIN and business name against the IRS records through Tax1099. This will help you establish self-compliance.

Further, you can bulk-verify the TIN/Name combinations of your vendors and customers, saving you from non-compliance notices and penalty assessments.

Submit To The IRS

Easily submit all your returns at once with our 256-bit end-to-end encrypted gateway. Directly transmit your returns to the IRS in just a few seconds.

Manage your IRS communications, find compliant resolutions to rejected returns, and get the tax assistance needed to ensure compliance for your business.

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