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Streamline Your IRS TIN Matching Process With

  • Experience frictionless TIN Match Automation using Tax1099 platform for better compliance.

  • Use UI or API to do real time TIN Match under 30 seconds
  • Eliminates need to register employee and company phone for the OTP
  • High availability 24x7 on demand application for the TIN Match
  • Real-Time TIN Matching with 100% accuracy
  • Validate 5 Million+ TIN Checks every day with IRS

Tax1099 TIN Match Use Cases

  • Tax1099 TIN Match feature is flexible for different use cases like:

  • Account Opening for neo banks & banking industry
  • Customer Onboarding for lending/financial services
  • Merchant Onboarding for retail/eCommerce industry
  • Gig Economy - 1099 Vendor onboarding compliance
  • KYC/AML Compliance to reduce false positives
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